Hybrid Doors: Series 1

Inward & Outward Opening Doors

The Hybrid Door is an 83mm high performance door system that achieves very high thermal insulation values providing low U Values well below the current and anticipated future Building Regulation requirements. Comprising the insulating benefits of timber on the inside and the durability of aluminium on the outside, the system includes inward and outward opening doors. A full range of door hardware is available, including butt hinges and multi-point locking for added security.


The Hybrid Inward Opening Door has been tested in accordance with BS6375 Part 1: 2004 (performance of windows and doors - classification of weathertightness and guidance on selection and specification).

The Hybrid Outward Opening Door has been independently tested to PAS23/24.

Test reports are available from all Service Centres.

Size Capabilities

Size limitations for each type of door vary. The following schedule is an indication of the Hybrid system capabilities:

Single Door: 900W x 2100H
Double Door: 1800W x 2100H

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